The Mings - S/T 12"

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Artist/band: The Mings
Title: S/T 12"
Record label: Trash Wax Records

Description: This is truly a great album! The Mings kick out 11 way out garage, surf tunes.. I dont know what to call it but its true f*cking MAGIC! These songs seriously get better, everytime you play them. Hell, even your momma and your granny can appreciate this stuff! The Mings are a collaboration between Hipbone Slim (Sir Bald Diddley, Hipboine Slim & The Kneetremblers, Allopecia Records, Crown Topper Records etc), Marky wildstone (Dead Rocks, Wildstone productions, Blue Crawfish Records) and the roadie of the famous Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave. Get this record!


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