Pizza Knife - U.F.O. pilot 12"

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Artist:  Pizza Knife
Title: U.F.O. pilot
Format:  12"
Cat Nr. MASH25
Release date:  Oct 19th 2017
Pcs:  300 pcs with regular covers.

Pizza Knife's debut album kicks some serious ass. 12 trashy outtacontroll punk tunes that will make your neighboors go absolutly mad when played on an early sunday morning! Go at it Hoss and get with Pizza Knife! We are sure this is one of the best new punkbands that hail from the netherlands! If you dont believe me.. check out this awesome video..! While you are at it like them on their facebook!!

Tracklist:       A - Chicken kebab
  - Dragonslayer
  - Erotic VHS
  - Shooting Boogers
  - Vanilla wish
  - Nightmare
B - Hate
  - Robotwhore
  - White Devil
  - UFO Pilot
  - College Bitch
  - My Fire
Cover artwork: Jippiet



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