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Shipping< 100 gr< 250 gr< 2 kg< 5 kgCountries
 EU1€ 3,75€ 6,25€ 9,-€ 19,50 Belgium, Denmark, Germany,  France,  Italy, Luxembourg, Austria,  Spain, United  Kingdom and Sweden.


€ 3,75€ 6,25€ 11,-€ 25,- Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Hungary,  Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania,  Poland,  Portugal, Roemenia,  Slovenia,  Slovakia and Czech Rep.


€ 3,75€ 6,25€ 12,-€ 26,30 Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-  Herzegovina, Canary Islands, Cyprus,  Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greece,  Greenland, Guernsey,Iceland, Jersey,  Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonia,  Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway,  Ukraine, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey,  Vatican City, Belarus and Switzerland.


€ 3,75€ 6,25€ 18,-€ 34,30All other countries.


€ 2,19€ 2,76€ 6,95€ 6,95Netherlands.

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