The Lucky Punch - Hanging out to dry 12"

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Artist/band: The Lucky Punch
Title: Kick Up The  Hullabaloo 12"
Record label: Dead Beat Records

DescriptionLucky Punch- Kick Up A Hullabaloo LP.  The Lucky Punch are like the Hellacopters with an extra dose of 70’s arena rawk runnin’ through their bones. The riffs fly at you like Chinese stars in a Sonny Chiba movie, the hooks are monstrous, and there’s an air of total sonic destruction so addictive you can snort it. For the price of a measly case of beer, you can get the honky-tonkin’ riff-boogie of the title track, the full-bore power rock anthem “Hell of a Ride”, the ZZ-Topisms of “So What You Gonna Do About It” and nearly a dozen other swanky rippers. If you want a little Backyard Babies style flash rock, check out the relentless “Never Gonna Know What You Haven’t Tried”, or if yer in the mood for shit-kicker tinged van rock, dig the closer “Far Out (Still Trying to Get Back in)”. I guess what I mean to say is, if yer looking for just about ANY kinda Rock – you know the manly, running with the wolves type shit; than this album is for you!

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