Xtreme Bluesdog - Punk Rock & Roll A Billy Trash Blues

Artist/band: Xtreme Bluesdog
Title: Punk Rock & Roll A Billy Trash Blues C.D.
Record label: Self-released

Description: The Xtreme Bluesdog visited the Monster Mash Records headquarters and left some CD's for all you onemanband lovin' monsters out there! This CD contains 8 hits by the hottest dog in the South-Americas, recorded at Mestre Felino Studio in Brazil! They say that Barkin' dogs dont bite, but better watch out for this dog! Before you know it, you catch some serious rock and roll rabies!

This C.D. comes in a cool 7" vinyl record cover!

- Dirty blues
- Everything i sing has the blues
- Touring around
- The train
- Italian "Onemanband" shoes
- Dark blues
- Can't get straight
- Wannablues?

Cover artwork: Gabriela Tonini "Niu"

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