Dead Elvis - Crazy Lil' Doll (7")

€ 6,50 (including 21% VAT)
Artist: Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave
Title: Crazy lil' doll
Cat Nr: MASH01
Release date: Nov. 2nd 2012
pcs: Limited to only 307 pcs
Specials-250 pcs with regular covers.
 -27 pcs with lino-cut cover (Yellow ochre acrylic on 300gr white watercolor paper)
 -23 pcs with lino-cut cover (black acrylic on 300gr white watercolor paper)
 -7 pcs testpressing with 3-color lino-cut cover (red, white & black on 300gr white watercolor paper)

This is Monster Mash's first ever release!!

- Crazy lil' doll
- Bad luck'n'trouble

Cover artwork: Dead Elvis

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