Theee Bat vs. Atomic Suplex 7"

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Artist/band: Theee Bat vs. Atomic Suplex
Title: S/T 7"
Record label: Swamp Fiction

Description: Two wild and outta control bands, Theee Bat (JP) Atomic Suplex (UK) together on a 45! This is wild stuff, BEWARE!! To avoid self-inflicted wounds, do not use dangerous equipment while listening to this record!! With the greetings from Marty Swamp Fiction! Comes on handnumbered YELLOW vinyl!!

Atomic Suplex - Theme From Atomic Suplex
Atomic Suplex - Diamond Skull
Theee Bat - Bats L.U.V.
Theee Bat - Willy The Wild One

Cover artwork: Wierdo Cartoon

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